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Ceramic Coating Specialists

FEYNLAB Certified Installer
With an available Lifetime Warranty, we offer the world’s leading and original ceramic coating technology. Experience the next level in car care with FEYNLAB’s cutting-edge formulations powered by nanotechnology. 

Ceramic Coating Packages

PLATINUM Ceramic Coating Package

Includes our surface specific Ceramic Coatings on all exterior Paint, Windows, Wheels & Tires, Plastic Trim, Headlights, and Tail Lights. Ceramic Ultra V2 produces a never-before-seen  patent pending biphasal technology with long lasting protection and wide range of benefits for your vehicle. The integration of a base-coat and topcoat in one product that provides a thicker and more robust layer of protection, enhancing depth and richness of the cars color. This innovative technology establishes a new standard in the automotive industry. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
Starting at $2100 for Cars and $2300 for SUVs/Vans/Trucks

DIAMOND Ceramic Coating Package

Includes our surface specific Ceramic Coatings on all exterior Paint, Windows, Wheels & Tires, Plastic Trim, Headlights, and Tail Lights. Featuring FEYNLAB Ceramic V3, a powerful mid tier coating with incredible hydrophobic properties and gloss. Windows, Wheel Faces, Headlights, and Tail Lights. Backed by 3 Year Warranty.
Starting at $1450 for Cars and $1650 for SUVs/Vans/Trucks

GOLD Ceramic Coating Package

Includes our surface specific Ceramic Coatings on all exterior Paint, Windows, Wheels & Tires, Plastic Trim, Headlights, and Tail Lights. Featuring FEYNLAB Original Ceramic, one of the most tried and true coatings on the planet with over one million real world installations. Backed by 1 Year Warranty.
Starting at $750 for Cars and $950 for SUVs/Vans/Trucks

Automotive Reconditioning

Full Service Recon Services
Discover excellence with our comprehensive range of world-class reconditioning services. From minor leather repairs to full-fledged bumper restoration, we take pride in offering a diverse lineup of services tailored to elevate and rejuvenate your vehicle’s appearance. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions that go beyond expectations.

Interior Repair

Efficiently address almost any interior damages (leather, seats, dash, door panels, carpet, vinyl, plastic, fabric, etc.) in your vehicle without incurring the high cost of replacement. Our services exclusively employ OEM Factory matched colors. Additionally, we specialize in deodorizing, eliminating odor-causing smells, and blacking out trim areas, including wipers and exterior black trim.
Starting at $115

Windshield Repair

Opt for repair before considering replacement. Don’t risk the chance of a crack on your windshield spreading. Timely repair is crucial to prevent dirt accumulation in the crack(s) over time.
Starting at $95

Bumper Touch Up & Repair

 Ranging from precision touch-ups to plastic bumper restoration, ensure your rock chips, clear coat fading, or any other bumper damage is properly repaired.

Starting at $350

Wheel Restoration

Addressing a spectrum of issues such as curb rash, scratches, gouges, peeling, oxidation, and various cosmetic imperfections. 
Starting at $150

Auto Detailing

Indulge your vehicle in the epitome of luxury with our high-end auto detailing services. Our expert team meticulously transforms every detail, enhancing the beauty and preserving the integrity of your prized automobile. Elevate your driving experience with our premium detailing solutions, where precision meets perfection.
Starting at $199

Headlight Restoration

With the transition from glass to acrylic in headlight lenses, factors such as oxidation, road debris, rain, and exposure to caustic chemicals have contributed to discoloration and dullness. Explore our array of professional solutions: polishing restoration, laminate coating, or ceramic coating, to restore and enhance the clarity of your headlight lenses.
Starting at $125

Paint Protection Film  (Clearbra/PPF)

Shield your vehicle with STEK Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF or Clearbra. This transparent layer defends against scratches, road debris, and environmental elements, preserving your vehicle’s sleek appearance for years. Drive confidently, protected by the ultimate defense for your vehicle’s exterior.
Ranging from $650-$7500

Window Tint

High-quality Solar FX films enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal while providing increased privacy, reduced glare, and superior UV protection. Ensuring a sleek, stylish look and practical benefits like heat reduction and interior preservation.
Starting at $310

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an intricate art form. Our exclusive services are offered in collaboration with the finest body shops and dealerships in the industry.
Starting at $165

Paint Correction

Commonly referred to as “buffing,” the accurate term for the procedure involved in restoring paint is known as Paint Correction. This meticulous process is designed to elevate your paint to its optimal condition by systematically eliminating scratches, swirl marks, fading, water spots, and other imperfections from the paint surface.
Starting at $250

Reputation Built on Excellence

I’m a total car guy. My Lincoln dealer knows how much I care about keeping my vehicles in “like new” condition. Lincoln corp and South Coast Lincoln in Santa Ana have been so understanding along with Surfside Reconditioning and Helmet! I purchased a Black Label Navigator used that had some issues. I was not sure if the soft Napa leather could be brought back, but I took a chance. After texting Helmet at Surfside Reconditioning and sending him some photos, I took the leap that he could help bring my Black Label Navigator back to “like new” condition. Needless to say, He surpassed my expectations!! I’m so pleased with Helmet and Surfside, I feel very fortunate our paths have crossed! Any vehicle reconditioning I have in the future, Surfside will be the first and last to finish the job correctly! Check out these before and after photos!!! Truly magical!! I don’t know how Helmet and Surfside does it! Time well spent!
Joe R
Joe R
I’ve been wanting to get my MINI ceramic coated, but was very overwhelmed at how many companies claimed they can do a quality job. It wasn’t till a friend recommended Surfside reconditioning, Helmuts company, that I was sold. I am very happy to report that he did a top-notch job. A true professional in every sense of the word. Helmut with Surfside reconditioning really took an interest in my MINI and help me understand what I would get with Feynlad’s Ceramic coating. He even went as far as to teach me how to maintain it so I can get the most out of the ceramic protection. He took as much time as I needed to give it that personal care and attention…… and WOW was I surprised with the results!! I have to wash it less often, as dirt seems to glide off And the actual washing process is much much easier especially with the products Helmut recommended. My only regret is not doing it sooner. i’m already recommending friends and family.
Stevie Tatum
Stevie Tatum
Absolutely flexible, professional, and affordable. Toom the timento exolain the products utilized, how to care for and get the most out of the product. Came to my place and did the work at home. Will recommend to any and everyone!
corey “Corey” E.
corey “Corey” E.
My Range Rover’s paint feels and looks like glass🔥 Got my wifes Rover done feels like butter looks amazing 🔥
Steven Lewis
Steven Lewis
I had Surfside Reconditioning do a ceramic coating on my car last January. Now, month of May, after many rains in San Diego in the months of Jan to April, the car is still in great condition. Cleaning is so easy and simple. I highly recommend Helmut of Surfside Reconditioning!
Benjie Manalo
Benjie Manalo
Beautifully done by Helmut! This is my first time owning a Tesla and I already heard some issues with the paint and for this kind of investment I wanted to be sure I take care of it for as long as it's running. I've had BMW's before and especially with the SoCal weather I started to see oxidation on one of the black bmw's we used to have even though we've kept it away from the sun. People I know that have Teslas has highly recommended Ceramic Coating. Now that I have one I didn't know how much it would cost and prices vary depending on where you take it. I reached out to a previous Mini service advisor that recommended Helmut. The price was reasonable and Helmut was very honest and he did not cut corners. He also referred us to his tint guy too name Dan that did an awesome job on matching the factor tint. My husband and I are overall very satisfied and I'm impressed by both services and really highly recommend them. See the pictures of my Tesla Y below.
Fey C.
Fey C.
Use this company for your Ceramic Coating. My car looks amazing!
Adam Morris
Adam Morris
Had ceramic coating and paint repair done on 2019 Infiniti. Very happy what shine! Scratches gone too.
Barry Sanders
Barry Sanders
Ceramic coating
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno
Surfside performed a ceramic ultra coating on my Ford F250. Truck looks absolutely unreal! They are super meticulous, and really professional. Highly recommend.
Derek Brown
Derek Brown